Recycling Plastic? 2 Things You Need To Know


Recycling is a great way to save our planet's resources. It helps keep unnecessary waste from going into landfills by reusing the materials multiple times. If you're not a recycling enthusiast, you may not understand the codes that are printed on plastics and how much that plastic is actually worth. Here are 2 things everyone that recycles should know about recycling their plastics. The Resin Code Guide The different codes on each bottle are actually used to identify the resin that is used to create the plastic.

5 November 2015

Hosting A Recycling Drive At Your Organization


Hosting a recycling drive can be a great way to raise money, create a buzz around environmental issues, give back to the community, and reduce waste. Here are some tips on throwing a recycling drive at your organization. Goals for Your Recycling Drive Before you begin a recycling drive, the first thing to do is to decide what your goals are for the drive. This will affect the type of marketing you do and the items that you collect.

6 August 2015