Scrap Metal: Four Places In Your House To Find It


If you've recently taken some interest in scrap metal, you might have a tough time figuring out where to find it. However, chances are that you've got many items in your own house where you can locate metal to sell. 


Your kitchen is where you can find plenty of metal, from the stainless steel utensils you no longer use to the microwave that no longer works. When you're ready for a new refrigerator, the old one can be stripped of aluminum and copper. The same goes for the dishwasher. 

Living Room

If you're changing the look of your living room and get new lamps, you can examine existing lamp bases to see if they're made of metal. If so, you've found yourself another scrap piece. In fact, your old lamp shades could be a source as well, if they are lined with metal. Do you have aluminum-frame windows? If so, that aluminum can be sold off when you're ready to change your windows. Old televisions can be a great source of scrap metal, as can window air conditioners. 


Cars aren't the only things in your garage that can be turned over to a scrap shop. Old tools and power machines that have started to rust over can be sold to those who collect metal. If your children have old bikes that are just collecting dust in the garage, those can also be sold off for the metal they contain. Do you have metal shelving? Those shelves can be taken out and brought to a scrap shop. If you've got wrought iron backyard furniture that never seems to find its way out of the garage anymore, you might as well take that off to the scrap yard as well.


The attic is a place where a lot of things in the home end up when no one has an immediate use for them. This can be a treasure trove of metal items that you don't immediately think about. For instance, if your kids are adults now but you still have that metal sled up in the attic, that can be sold. If their old brass instruments are still in the attic, those too can go.

The ideas above should open your eyes about the metal in your home that can be sold off. As you start to see what's possible, your searches for scrap will be more fruitful.


19 November 2019

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