Tips For Preparing Your Cardboard Waste For Curbside Recycling


Curbside recycling makes it easy to recycle your trash since all you have to do is push your bin to the curb rather than drive it to a collection center. Once you start recycling, you may be surprised at how much you've been contributing to landfills unnecessarily over the years. Cardboard is probably one thing you have an abundance of, especially if you shop online and have frequent deliveries. Here are some tips for recycling your cardboard for curbside pickup.

Remove Liners And Packing Peanuts First

Be sure to keep cardboard separate from other materials even if they all go in the same container. For instance, pull the paper lining out of cereal boxes and remove bubble wrap and packing peanuts from delivery boxes before you toss the boxes into your recycling bin.

One thing you'll want to do before you start recycling is to learn your local regulations. Recycling companies sometimes have different policies for what they will collect. You may not be allowed to put bubble wrap or air pillows in your recycling container. Packing peanuts may be prohibited as well.

Flatten All Boxes

Flattening the boxes takes extra time, but you'll find the flat boxes take up much less room in your bin so you can recycle more trash each week. Flat boxes also take up less space in the truck, and they're easier to handle than boxes that aren't broken down. Your recycling company may want you to tie stacks of flat cardboard together or they may want all trash to be loose.

Just be sure to cut or fold big boxes so they fit in the container and so the lid closes. An open lid could allow rain to get the cardboard wet and make it unsuitable for recycling if your company only works with dry trash.

Cut Out Food Stains

Cardboard food containers from the deli and from pizza delivery can be recycled if they are not stained with food. If a box has grease stains, cut out the stained area before you toss the box in your recycling bin. If you don't want to take the time or trouble to cut out the greasy area, then throw the entire box in your regular trash rather than recycle it.

When cardboard is recycled, it is mixed with water to separate the paper fibers. When food grease is in the mix, the grease inhibits separation and it reduces the quality of the recycled product.

While it does take a little time to prepare your cardboard trash properly for recycling, it is worth the effort to keep it out of the landfill. The cardboard can be used to make new paper products, so it's a waste to throw it out unless it is not suitable for recycling. Contact a service, like Industrial Services Inc, for more help.


7 August 2018

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