2 Ways That Working With A Document Shredding Company Is Helpful For Your Business


If you run a business that generates a lot of paper, it is smart to work with a paper document shredding service. A paper shredding company will make sure that your records are properly destroyed without any of the information on the documents being leaked, shared, or used in a compromising manner.

1. Paper Shredding Minimizes Everyday Exposure

Paper shredding helps minimize your risk of exposure with everyday documents. You may not think that your phone messages, drafts of correspondence, and extra copies of invoices contains valuable information, but it does. All of those correspondences could tell someone who got ahold of them what is going on with your business.

Your everyday correspondences and paper trash create a trail of what is happening within your business. If a competitor were to get a hold of your everyday correspondences, they could use those papers to see what is going on with your business. They could use those papers to find and steal away customers or to make a move before you do with a product or market area. Your everyday correspondence could also contain contact and payment information that someone could use to steal money from your business or harm your customers.

Using a paper shredding company ensures that none of the everyday documents that your company generates can ever be used negatively against your company because the documents will be shredding and disposed of properly.

2. Paper Shredding Helps with Record Management

Records do not need to be stored forever. There are numerous federal laws that dictate how long you need to store a variety of paper documents. A document shredding company can keep you informed about what papers you need to keep and what papers that you need to get rid of.

You don't want to store more documents than necessary. When you store documents past the time you are required to keep them, you are just increasing your paper storage, and you are increasing the amount of paper you will have to go through should you ever get a legal request for records. When you over-store documents, you'll have way too many documents to go through when you get legal requests.

By working with a document shredding company, you can make sure that old documents are destroyed in a timely manner. This will reduce the amount of paper storage space you need to keep at your business and will reduce the number of records you have to go through, should records ever be requested for legal reasons.

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17 May 2018

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