Three Reasons Why Your Company Should Hire a Pickup Recycling Service for Your Scrap Metal


Does your company encounter a lot of scrap metal as part of its day-to-day operations? If so, you likely know what a hassle it can be to repeatedly deal with the cleanup required after every new work order is completed. Thankfully, though, there is an easier way. Instead of hauling away all of that scrap metal yourself, you can hire a professional pickup service to take it away for you. Here are three reasons why your company should contract with a company that offers industrial scrap metal pickup services today.

29 October 2018

Tips For Preparing Your Cardboard Waste For Curbside Recycling


Curbside recycling makes it easy to recycle your trash since all you have to do is push your bin to the curb rather than drive it to a collection center. Once you start recycling, you may be surprised at how much you've been contributing to landfills unnecessarily over the years. Cardboard is probably one thing you have an abundance of, especially if you shop online and have frequent deliveries. Here are some tips for recycling your cardboard for curbside pickup.

7 August 2018

2 Ways That Working With A Document Shredding Company Is Helpful For Your Business


If you run a business that generates a lot of paper, it is smart to work with a paper document shredding service. A paper shredding company will make sure that your records are properly destroyed without any of the information on the documents being leaked, shared, or used in a compromising manner. 1. Paper Shredding Minimizes Everyday Exposure Paper shredding helps minimize your risk of exposure with everyday documents. You may not think that your phone messages, drafts of correspondence, and extra copies of invoices contains valuable information, but it does.

17 May 2018

Changes To Computer Recycling In 2018


Computer recycling isn't always as simple as pulling out hard drives and ripping out magnets, but it isn't as different as many people expected. New types of equipment, changes in materials, and expectations that weren't met have created a shift in how metal scrappers handle their tech finds. Here are a few details about personal computer (PC) recycling for newer systems. No, Hard Drives Aren't Dead One expectation in the mid-2000's was that solid state drives (SSDs) would take over the market and get rid of a significant niche within computer recycling; rare earth magnets.

9 February 2018