Ways to Make More Money From Scrap Metal Recycling


Recycling metals has significantly conserved the environment. When metals are recycled, less energy is used and fewer emissions are released into the atmosphere. Therefore, the recycling process has helped reduce the carbon footprint of many businesses.

The process has also created numerous jobs, including scrap collection jobs. As a scrap metal collector, you gather scrap metal and sell it to scrap yards for recycling. The amount you make as a collector depends on your approach. The following are ways to make money from scrap metal recycling.

Separate the Metals

It is essential to separate your metals by their type. Two primary categories are used in scrap metal recycling: ferrous and non-ferrous. Ferrous metals have iron, but non-ferrous do not. Non-ferrous metals are worth more, and so they can increase your payout.

When collecting, use a magnet to separate your metals. The magnet will stick on ferrous products, but it won't stick on non-ferrous ones. Examples of ferrous metals are iron and steel varieties. Examples of non-ferrous are nickel, lead, aluminum, tin, copper, zinc, and brass.

Remember that two metals in the same category can have different values. For instance, aluminum and copper are both non-ferrous, but copper has a higher value. Besides, stainless steel is a steel variety, but it can fetch more money since it contains nickel, which is non-ferrous. Hence, it would help if you kept this tip in mind during collection.

Disassemble Your Products

Don't take the whole appliances or devices to a scrap yard because you might make less money. Instead, disassemble your collection to increase its value. For example, if you collect an AC unit, take apart the compressors, sealed unit, radiators, fan motor, fittings, furnaces, and copper wiring separately. 

If any part has wires inside, you should also remove them. This will allow you to make a decent amount from each piece.

Collect a Large Quantity

Recycling yards primarily depend on scrap metal collectors for raw materials. Hence, if you show up with an extensive collection, you can capture their attention and possibly get better rates. Besides, you will have the upper hand at negotiating. However, this doesn't mean you should fill your truck with any metal; focus only on quality products that have higher prices. If you are consistent at delivering valuable collections to a yard, you can cash in handsomely.

Scrap metal recycling provides income for many people. If you are a collector, use these smart tips to get the most out of this business.


12 February 2021

Making Recycling A Habit

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