Celebrate Earth Day By Teaching Your Children About Recycling


Have you been looking for fun ways to teach your children about recycling? Earth Day is approaching, and there's not a better time of year to talk to your children about doing your part to protect the environment. So, why not celebrate Earth Day by doing some fun, educational activities with your children? Check out these ideas to turn learning about recycling into an awesome Earth Day celebration. 

Make Your Own Game

The last thing you want to do is purchase new items to use during your Earth Day celebration -- it kind of defeats the purpose. Instead, teach your kids more about bottle recycling by turning used plastic bottles into a carnival game. While you're getting everything ready for your game, take a few minutes to discuss with your children how repurposing the bottles keeps them from cluttering up a landfill.

  1. Gather six to 10 plastic bottles. The bottles don't need to be exactly the same. You can collect water bottles, single-serving juice bottles, or protein shake bottles. As long as the bottles that you collect are clear and have flat caps, they will work.
  2. Prepare the bottles by washing them and peeling off any labels. (Don't forget to recycle the labels!)
  3. Remove the caps from the bottles.
  4. Fill each bottle with water.
  5. Add a few drops of food coloring to each of the bottles.
  6. Put the caps back on the bottles, and shake so that the water changes colors.
  7. Stack the bottles into a pyramid shape.
  8. Let your children throw a soft ball or bean bags at the bottles to try to knock them over. Everyone who knocks the bottles down is a winner.

Recycling Center Field Trip

On Earth Day, gather recyclable items from your home and take your children on a short field trip to your nearest recycling center. There are different types of recycling centers (such as Calgary North Hill Bottle Depot Ltd). So, in order to keep your trip simple, you should look for one that accepts glass, plastic, and paper. It's a lot easier to gather old newspapers and plastic bottles than it is to find scrap metal. However, if you do have any scrap metal lying around, recycling it a great idea. Scrap yards typically pay you to bring metal scraps, copper wiring, or appliances to them. You can use the money that you make recycling to take the kids out to lunch.

Celebrating Earth Day by teaching your children why it's important to recycle things, such as plastic bottles, teaches your kids a valuable lesson in a fun way. So, do your part to help protect the environment by teaching your children more about recycling on Earth Day.


18 February 2016

Making Recycling A Habit

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