Hosting A Recycling Drive At Your Organization


Hosting a recycling drive can be a great way to raise money, create a buzz around environmental issues, give back to the community, and reduce waste. Here are some tips on throwing a recycling drive at your organization.

Goals for Your Recycling Drive

Before you begin a recycling drive, the first thing to do is to decide what your goals are for the drive. This will affect the type of marketing you do and the items that you collect. For instance, if your goal is to be useful to your community in order to help them recycle their unwanted items, then you will want to collect everyday items such as paper and plastic. If your goal is to raise money, you may want to collect valuable items such as electronics and metal. If your goal is to raise environmental awareness, then you may want to collect tin cans and other items that people will have with them as they walk by your campaign.

Plan Where You'll Send the Items

Before you begin collecting any items, it's important to know where you'll be sending them and whether there's a cost. For some items, such as valuable scrap metal and electronics, you may find a company that's willing to pick up the items and pay you based on their weight. If you have items like paper and plastic, you'll need to consider the cost of transporting these items to a recycling facility. For items like donated toys and clothes, contact a thrift store ahead of time to make sure that they will accept your items.

How to Store Items

You'll need a secure place to store your items during a recycling drive. A bin rental facility can provide with containers of all sizes to store your items for recycling. Some of the bins will come with wheels that facilitate transportation. If you are doing a public drive, you may want to consider the aesthetic quality of the bins as well; you can choose from a variety of metal and plastic painted bins. For higher volume and lower budget operations, a large steel bin can be a great option. Contact BIZ Mechanical Complete Waste Services Storage Bin Rentals for more options.

Marketing Your Drive

After you put in all of this work setting up the drive, you'll want to be sure to market your drive well. A great campaign should show the reasons behind your drive and give people motivation to act. For instance, using facts, videos, and personal interactions can be great ways to convince people to recycle at your drive. Your organization can gain some recognition while also helping to save resources.


6 August 2015

Making Recycling A Habit

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